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Welcome to the “RestExpert” – world of enthralling journey through gastronomic landmarks of Germany, excellent service and new discoveries!

RestExpert” is the unique association guide, directory and advertising platform for restaurants, bars and cafes in Germany in 4 languages: German, Chinese, Russian and English.

Entering the site, traveler could not only build the route through sightseeings, “RestExpert” will also suggest him to have a lunch or a dinner in one of the “RestExpert” member restaurants according to the traveler preferences.

Individual page in 4 languages is created for every member. Page is optimized for all modern devices, like computers, tablets and smartphones and all searching engines. That will make “RestExpert” popular among travelers attracting interest of more than 1 million people every month.

Becoming a member of “RestExpert” will let our partners be a major participant in the large-scale advertising campaign in search engines, social networks, contextual advertising systems - both in Europe and in the Russian-language segment of the Internet, and the absolutely specifically Chinese market - where there is no usual Google and Facebook, and which has its own search engine Baidu and social channels QZone, WeChat, etc.

And the most important – registration in “RestExpert” is completely free.

Join the world of “RestExpert” right now - and you will have access to all the privileges and services of the project, details of which we send our registered users.

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