Varenukha is an old Ukrainian hot alcoholic beverage, which is currently not so popular as before. In former times varenukha was brewed all night long in the oven which did not cool down for a long time and was heated to the temperature at which bread is baked. In earlier times, the varenukha precipitate, filled with small spice pieces, was not poured out but was used to smear the wounds of horses for disinfection.


  • Vodka or home-distilled vodka (traditionally rye) – 2 l
  • honey – 300 g
  • dried apples and cherries –40 g each
  • dried pears and prunes (soft smoked) – 25 g each
  • cracked ginger – one third of a teaspoon
  • chopped cinnamon – 1 stick
  • cloves - 6 medium-size heads
  • allspice - 3 corns
  • bay leaf - 2 small leaves

Preparation method (receipt)

Pre-soak dried fruits in a 40-degree spirit for 6 hours, so that they expand. Make simple dough of water, flour and a little butter. The goal is to seal the crevices through which alcohol can evaporate (the same dough is made during distillation of home-made vodka through primitive devices. Put the soaked dried fruits along with vodka in a pot (an enamel saucepan or pressure cooker can optionally be used), add all the spices and honey, and seal up the lid with a dough. Cook in the oven at 80 °C. Put a tightening weight on the pot lid, so that the alcohol vapor does not blow it during cooking. The cooking time is from 3 to 12 hours (at your pleasure). Strain the ready drink through gauze and serve immediately.

vodka home-distilled vodka honey apples cherries pears prunes ginger cinnamon cloves pepper bay leaf