Talkish kaleve

Talkish kaleve is Tatar national sweet. These are small light pyramids made of caramelized honey. They are a something like cotton candy, although the latter is made from sugar instead of honey. Talkish kaleve has a mixed flavor of sweet-smelling honey and butter oil. This dessert is served for tea.


  • Wheat flour - 250 g
  • butter oil - 200 g
  • honey - 150 g
  • sugar - 450 g
  • water - 250 ml

Preparation method (receipt)

Melt butter oil in a small pan, gradually add flour in driblets. Start frying the mixture, stirring constantly. The mass will be crumbly at the beginning, but it will become soft and smooth during cooking (about 30 minutes). The mass will be ready when an even layer of oil appears on its surface, with a liquid underneath – so, you can remove it from fire. Next, prepare a fragrant honey mass. Mix honey with water (250 ml), sugar and start boiling. The process is quite long. It is important to try it for readiness from time to time by dipping the tip of the match into the boiling mass, pouring it by drops on the palm and rubbing up: in case the mass drags on if press it and the fibers break, remove it from fire. Pour the ready honey into a cold oiled container. After that, chisel the mass with a knife quickly and from all sides to prevent it from hardening. When the mass slightly thickens, put it on the board, take in hand and stretch, fold it double, connect the ends and stretch again. It is important to do this very quickly trying not to tear the mass, until it becomes white, shiny and stretchy. Transfer the mass from the butter oil to the cutting board, put the honey mass on top, make a ring and start stretching, then quickly fold it double and connect from both ends. Absorbing the mass of melted butter, the dough will stretch better and split into thin white fibers. Lay fibers out on the board and carefully, picking up with fingers, place them into the baking cups (you can use small cone glasses). Leave the moulded talkish kaleve in the cold for a while. Turn the baking cups bottom upwards and push the talkish kaleve out of them.

wheat flour butter oil honey sugar water

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