Sour cream

Sour cream is a dense fermented milk product, a result of dairy cream or milk ripening. Sour cream is known in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, and also under other names in Hungary (tejföl), Estonia (hapukoor), Lithuania (grietinė), East Germany (schmand) and in many other countries. The French crème fraiche also looks much like sour cream; they are interchangeable in most recipes. Acidulated sour cream is a perfect sauce for pelmeni (meat dumplings), varenyky (pierogi), draniki (potato pancakes), oladyi (thick pancakes), bliny (Russian pancakes) and syrniki (quark pancakes). Sour cream is used to nap hot and cold soups (borscht, soup, rassolnik, solyanka, okroshka and svekolnik (beetroot soup). Sour cream serves a basis for preparing more complex sauces.


  • Milk - 3 l.

Preparation method (receipt)

Pour milk into a saucepan and tepefy. Pour it into a plastic bottle or carafe, cover with a dense towel, tie and leave in a warm place. Milk souring takes 2 days on the average, but in cold weather it may take 5 days. Do not mix or shake the liquid during this entire period. Place a colander over a saucepan or a bowl, cover it with several layers of gauze and turn the contents of the container with acidified milk into the colander. Leave it for a while until all the liquid drains off. This process may take about 1.5 hours. Put the remaining gelatinous mass in a bowl and whip it properly using a blender. You can obtain the desired consistency by adding milk. Put the mass in a jar, screw the lid onto the jar and refrigerate for half an hour.