Petushok (cockerel) lollipop

Petushok (cockerel) lollipop is one of the oldest Russian candies. It is unknown when this caramel candy appeared: perhaps, at a time when sugar gradually began to displace honey. This caramel is made in special molds, traditionally in the form of a cockerel, and then mounted on a stick. Petushok lollipops are typically brown, yellow or red.


  • sugar - 0,5 cup
  • water - 2-3 tbsp.
  • citric acid – a pinch (optionally)
  • vegetable oil – for oiling the mould
  • sticks (you can use skewers for shish-kebabs)

Preparation method (receipt)

Cover sugar with water. Add citric acid. Cook under a low heat, stirring, until a caramel color is obtained. Slightly oil the mould and pour the syrup into it. In a couple of seconds, insert sticks into the future lollipops and leave to cool for about half an hour. Then take the "cockerels" out of the mould.

sugar water citric acid vegetable oil