Manti is a popular dish of Kazakh cuisine, also known in other countries of Central Asia and in Russia. Manti is an oriental analogue of Russian pelmeni and Italian ravioli, a large-sized stuffed pasta. The stuffing for manti is made from finely chopped lamb with a lot of onions, black pepper, caraway, salt and small pieces of mutton fat. The stuffing is sometimes laced with boiled peas or fresh green. Kazakhs also make manti with pumpkin and cottage cheese via steam cooking. Manti are served topped with broth with vinegar, butter and pepper, as well as with sour milk, sour cream or a spicy tomato sauce with parsley.


  • Flesh of lamb - 400 g, tail fat - 150 g, pumpkin - 250 g, onion - 2 bulbs, salt, fresh-ground black pepper, butter for greasing, katuk or sour cream, butter and greens for serving. For the dough: flour - 500 g, water - 200 mg, salt

Preparation method (receipt)

Knead soft elastic dough from sifted flour, salt and warm water, wrap it in a film and keep warm for 20 minutes. Finely chop meat, onion, tail fat and pumpkin, season with pepper and salt to taste, add 2 tbsp. cold water and stir thoroughly. Roll the dough into a thin layer on a floured surface and cut out circles of 8-9 cm in diameter (you can cut dough into squares of this size). Put the stuffing on the dough circles. If there is an accumulated juice in the bowl with minced meat, it must be poured out as it prevents molding. Connect the 4 edges of the dough (or 4 corners, if the pieces are square) over the minced meat and pinch the resulting 4 vertical side holes. Then combine the lower corners in pairs and pinch. Cover the ready manti with a slightly damp towel. Lubricate the grill of the steamer with plenty of oil and lay out the manti. Steam under intense boiling for 40-45 minutes. Hot manti can be served with katuk or sour cream, butter and greens.

flesh of lamb tail fat pumpkin bulb onion katuk sour cream flour
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