Kaymak is a very thick cream which resembles crème fraiche and sour cream in consistence. Unlike sour cream, this is not a fermented milk product. Kaymak is popular with the Turkic-speaking peoples of Russia (Tatars, Bashkirs), Central Asia, the Balkans (Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro), the Don Cossacks. Kaymak, including a sweetened one, is served as a dessert for tea. In the Balkans it is used salted. The Tatar pie peremyach (Tatar or Kazan sour cream cake) is made with kaymak. Kaymak can be replaced with sour cream and vice versa in this and many other recipes.


  • Genuine fresh milk - 5 l.

Preparation method (receipt)

Boil milk and pour hot into small open cups: kasas. The volume of the Uzbek kasa is 300-400 ml. Place the cups compactly on the table and cover them with gauze. Leave to cool and break down for 14-15 hours. A yellowish oily and thick layer forms on the surface of the milk during this time. Take this layer with a spoon and put into a steel saucepan or bowl. The generated mass is non-uniform in composition: it contains both cream, foam and thick lumps. So, it is necessary to whip this mass with a wire whisk to a homogeneous condition. To make it completely homogeneous and storable, it needs to be warmed up. Put the saucepan on a small fire and warm up, without bringing to the boil. Stir the mass constantly. Pour the kaymak into a large bowl, cover with a plate and refrigerate. Kaymak is ready.

genuine fresh milk