Gozinaki is a Georgian confection made from nuts and honey. In Georgia, it is traditionally prepared on New Year's Eve and Christmas. Gozinaki in the earliest version is the crushed kernels of walnuts, slightly dried and topped with melted honey. Nowadays, walnuts are often replaced with crushed hazelnuts or peanuts, sesame or sunflower seeds. In Russia, gozinaki are known everywhere, and, unlike Georgia, almost no one here knows walnut gozinaki.


  • honey - 1 kg
  • shelled walnuts, preferably of previous crop - 1,5 kg

Preparation method (receipt)

Torrefy nuts in the oven and make sure they do not darken. Slightly cool and rub them with palms to get rid of the husks. Cut the nuts into not too small pieces with a sharp knife. Put a deep frying pan on fire and pour honey in it. Skim off the foam, stir and make sure it does not burn. An hour later, check the readiness of honey by dropping it on a saucer with cold water: a dense, non-melting drop should form. Put the cut nuts into honey, stir and keep on cooking, stirring. Remove from fire 30-40 minutes later, when the mass slightly darkens. Moisten a wooden board with cold water, put the hot mass on the surface and level with hands, constantly wetting them with cold water. Cool the walnut-honey mass to a slightly warm state and cut with a sharp knife into diamonds. When they harden completely, gently separate them from the board with a knife and put on a plate.

honey walnuts

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