Dusheparka is a hot intoxicating drink. It tastes like the Polish beer mulled wine (grzane piwo). It was widespread in Russia two centuries ago, mainly in Poshekhonye (the modern Yaroslavl Region). The basis of the drink is honey and cranberry juice. Beer and different herbs are also added. According to historians, each house had its own drink production recipe. Thus, dusheparka was sometimes laced with ginger, cinnamon, and pepper. Today, the production of this intoxicating drink tends to be revived in the Yaroslavl Region; even some of the local restaurants have included it in their menu.


  • Black beer – 0.5 l
  • honey – 100-150 g
  • cranberries – a cup
  • red wine – 150 ml
  • cracked ginger – ½ tsp.
  • peppercorn – ½ tsp.
  • cinnamon, thyme, cloves – optionally and to taste

Preparation method (receipt)

Pour cranberries, spices, honey and beer into a saucepan with high sides. Boil the liquid and immediately slack the fire to a minimum, so that the mixture could hardly gurgle. Stir constantly. Remove from fire in 15 minutes. Put the liquid through a colander so that cranberries are left. Rub berries through a gauze or colander to squeeze out juice from them. Mix the cranberry juice and drink, and well strain with a gauze folded in several layers. Pour everything again into a saucepan and add wine. Bring the drink almost to the boil.

black beer honey cranberries red wine cracked ginger peppercorn cinnamon thyme cloves