Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev is a Russian version of côtelette de volaille. They are made from poultry (usually chicken), with butter rolled up inside, which melts during cooking (there is a sauce inside in the French version of the dish). The top of the cutlet is coated with bread crumbs. In the traditional preparation, the bone is left attached to one side. Such cutlets appeared first in St. Petersburg in the XVIII century and were originally known as Novo-Mikhailovskiye. They became popular in Kiev in the XX century. It was then that the accustomed name arouse. In Russia, these cutlets have a special status in the city of Volgograd where this is the most popular local fast food. They are sold in the street wrapped in paper, like shawarma, and served in numerous dellies which the city people visit like ordinary cafes. There is no bone in Volgograd chicken Kiev, and butter is always laced with some additional stuffing (for example, mushrooms).


  • Chicken fillet – 4 pcs., butter – 150 g, eggs – 3 pcs., breadcrumbs – 6 tbsp., greens (dill, parsley) – 1 bundle, garlic – 2 cloves, pepper, salt, sunflower oil

Preparation method (receipt)

Chop the greens and garlic, put in a blender together with soft butter and beat. Shape a sausage from the received mass, wrap it in a cling film and put in a deep-freezer for 40 minutes. Separate small chicken fillet from the large one. Pound both parts and season with salt and pepper. Take butter with additives out of the freezer, cut into 4 parts and put each of them on the larger part of the fillet, then cover with small ones. Roll up, form cutlets and pin with a toothpick or tie with a kitchen string. Dip each cutlet into an egg, roll in bread-crumbs and deep fry. Place cutlets on paper tissues to get rid of excess fat, and pull out the toothpicks (untie the string).

chicken fillet butter eggs breadcrumbs greens garlic