Byoriki (berg)

Byoriki (berg) is a Kalmyk stuffed pasta, local pelmeni or ravioli. Byoriki differ in size: they resemble a small patty and are pinched pigtailed. There is a delicious meat broth inside. Byoriki are traditionally eaten with hands, but the cafes usually serve them in a European style, with a fork, while tasty juice remains in the cup.


  • Beef - 200 g
  • lamb or beef fat - 10 g
  • green onion - 4-5 stalks
  • salt – to taste
  • butter - 20-30 g. For the dough: flour - 80-100 g
  • egg – quarter or half
  • water
  • salt – to taste

Preparation method (receipt)

Mince meat along with fat and onion, season with salt and mix well. Knead elastic dough, like for pelmeni or ravioli. Divide the dough into equal pieces, roll them out into an oval, put the filling and pinch. Cook byoriki in salted water, like pelmeni or ravioli. Serve them poured over with melted butter. You can also serve with sour cream or some kind of sauce.

beef lamb fat beef fat green onion butter flour egg
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